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Things to know about backflow prevention

What is Backflow?

Water normally flows in one direction from the public water system through the customer’s cold or hot water plumbing. If the water begins to flow in the opposite direction, due to back pressure or back siphonage, it can become contaminated from cross-connections. Backflow can occur in any residential, commercial or industrial property.

By installing a backflow prevention device (in properties that have a severe or high hazard of cross-connections), at the point where the water service enters a building or facility, will ensure that the water distribution system is free from contamination.

What is Cross-Connection?

A cross-connection is a direct or indirect connection between the potable (drinking) water system and any other liquid, gas or other substances.

In a direct link there is a physical connection between the potable (drinking) and non-potable water system, such as an underground sprinkler system or heating and cooling system. In an indirect link the water itself makes the connection, such as a submerged hose or a leaking pipe that “pools” water around the break.

When a backflow occurs, and the water starts to flow in the opposite direction, potential contaminants (e.g. chemical or biological infectious agents) at the point of the cross-connection can be drawn back into the public water system.

Cross-connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.

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