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thawing frozen pipes

Thawing Frozen Pipes

In our climate, thawing frozen pipes and sump pump discharge lines has become an ongoing challenge for homeowners. With our winters becoming more extreme than they have in the past, the need for thawing frozen lines is constantly increasing.

DIY Thawing Frozen Pipes

A lot of homeowners have attempted to thaw their own plumbing with little to no success. In some cases, they put themselves and their home in danger by using torches or propane heaters, resulting in risky attempts even for the best DIY homeowner.

Why Some Plumbing Companies Don’t Thaw Frozen Pipes

Thawing a frozen pipe is not part of the daily routine for plumbing companies. In most cases, they will not invest the time and resources to take on such seasonal tasks as they would rather focus on what they do on a daily basis. This is understandable considering the high costs involved in implementing a new service. However, at Plumbway our focus is and will always be on our customer’s needs and providing the correct solutions to their plumbing issues.

Electric Pipe Thawing

Traditionally in our industry, electric pipe thawing equipment (as seen in the picture above) has been the primary method for thawing frozen pipes. The equipment has been in use for years and in most cases is the correct solution to the problem.

By clamping on to either side of the frozen section of pipe and passing an electric current through that pipe. We are able to warm the area of pipe, which will thaw the frozen pipe and allow the water to flow. It is a simple concept, but there are a few limitations.

Problem With Thawing Frozen Pipes

There have been many changes in the plumbing industry over the years. One of the most significant changes has been the switch from copper water lines to more affordable plastics. Along with all the advantages of the new technology, this created one large disadvantage when it came to thawing frozen pipes. The new plastic piping will not permit the flow of an electrical current through them. Without the flow of an electric current, this type of pipe thawing equipment will not work. This holds true as well on copper water lines that have had repairs done with plastic fittings or sections of plastic pipe inserted to repair a leak.

Solution To Thawing Frozen Plastic Pipes

Once again, plumbing companies were faced with the problem of having to invest even more time and resources into a seasonal service. At Plumbway, there was no question. We did our research and invested in equipment that could thaw frozen plastic pipes. We implemented procedures in the operation of the equipment and provided our staff with the proper training to operate it safely.

Plumbway Is Prepared To Solve Your Frozen Pipe Problems

At Plumbway, not only can we provide pipe thawing services for traditional copper plumbing using our electric thawing equipment, but we can now thaw plastic piping with our steam generation technology. By using the steam as an environmentally friendly method for thawing frozen pipes, whether they are made of metal or plastic, we’ve discovered that this innovation permits us to quickly and efficiently thaw frozen pipes from well lines, roof drains, sump discharge lines and much, much more.


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