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Solve Water Issues with a Water Softener


Diagnosing Stains and Deposits

If your water is discoloured, that may not be the only issue and could be a sign of hidden impurities. If you have a ring around your bathtub or white spots on dishes, glasses, cutlery or even clothes, it could be a sign of hard water or high TDS (total dissolved solids). TDS can include calcium (lime-stone), magnesium, salt metals, plant material and silt.

The Invisible Contaminants

A lot of water issues are visible, can be smelled in your water or can be tasted; but what if your water looks, smells and tastes okay? Does that mean it is? Not necessarily…

Dealing with hard water can be confusing as one of the biggest problems facing homeowners is matching the problem with a correct solution. A softening system needs to be built to handle all of the water conditions as well as work efficiently with minimal service/maintenance.

By combining water softener product lines such as WaterBoss or Hague, you should be able to address and solve most water issues, from silt to high levels of bacterial iron and sulphur.

Additionally, you might want to consider a system such as the AquaMaster® Home Water Appliances, which can provide a complete water analysis and maintenance solution. The AquaMaster® not only addresses the hardness of your water, but also the fine particles of dirt and metals in your water with the WaterBoss’s built in self-cleaning filter. In addition to this, the system also addresses the hidden chemicals in your water for sanitation purposes such as chlorine. The idea IS to remove the sanitizing chemicals and provide safe, clean and soft water. This all can be accomplished with one piece of WaterBoss technology.

Well Water

Well water as it is drawn from the ground can pose a variety of issues and concerns. Not only are mineral deposits normally much higher but bacteria levels can cause a problem to homeowners and their families and pets. Not only does the water need to be tested for hardness and minerals but a Health Department test should be performed to identify the presence of E. coli and Coliform bacteria.

If you’re looking to solve your water problem, whether on city water or well water, contact the experts at Plumbway.





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