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Can I request a specific technician for my home plumbing repairs?
Yes you may. When you call in to book your service, mention your technician’s name and we will do our very best to have that same technician come back to do the service.

Can I talk to a service technician or are there any in the office?
When you call into Plumbway your call goes to a call center. A customer service representative will take your call and all of your pertinent information. They will book a time to dispatch a service technician to your residence/business. All of our service technicians work out in the field, servicing customers.

Why does he have to come out?
We have found that the best way to properly diagnose a problem is to actually see it. The service technician needs to come out and evaluate your problem, do a thorough diagnosis, and give you options for solving your plumbing problem and exact prices based on our Menu Pricing Guide.

Can one technician do several kinds of work?
Yes. Our Plumbway trucks are stocked with over 2000 parts and equipment, ready to meet any job regardless of size.

Do you know the name of the service technician coming to my home?
To give you better service, the first available technician will be sent to your property. We will be able to give you the name when the dispatcher calls to inform you that our technician is on the way.


Can you bill me or the owner for the work?
We can bill the owner if he has an existing account with us and it is a commercial property. We accept cash, debit and credit cards-Visa, MasterCard, and American Express upon completion for residential homes.

Why can’t you bill me? Why must we pay right now?

Billing causes increased expenses and increased overhead. If we were to bill you, our rates would have to be substantially higher. We have decided to continue offering you our highest level of service at the lowest prices possible by collecting at the time of service.


Why do you charge by the job and not by the hour?
We have found that charging by the job is more efficient. That way you receive one price regardless of how long the job takes. It will not depend upon who the service technician is or how fast he may or may not work. You will know how much the final bill will be before we begin working.

How much is the total amount of the job?
Your Plumbway plumber will determine this after he completes the diagnosis. Your plumber will provide options for solving your problem and the exact prices based on our Menu Pricing Guide.

What do you mean by “flat rate” price? Are labour and plumbing parts included?
Yes. The total price given before the project is started and will include all the labour and material for the particular task that has been diagnosed by the service technician. The straightforward price will not depend upon who the service technician is or how fast they may or may not work.


What is your hourly rate?
We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the job, which saves you money.


Do I get a discount for giving you the ad ID code number?
It helps us track our advertising. This way we are not spending money on advertising that does not work. This saves you money. We really appreciate it when we are able to get it.

Do you have a discount for senior citizens?
Yes, we do. It is 5% for those 65 and older.


Do you give free estimates? Your competition doesn’t charge a fee; they do it for free.
If a plumbing company is willing to give you a free estimate you should ask yourself why they are willing to do it for free? Logic says, they have no work and they are doing anything they can to get into your home to find or create work. Perhaps they plan on making it up on the back end. I am not familiar with other plumbing companies standards and values, but I do know ours. Our team of technicians are highly skilled, expertly trained, and licensed and/or registered with the province of Ontario. We are upfront about our diagnostic fee because we feel it is a small amount to ensure you are getting a qualified technician in your home. Aren’t you just a little bit hesitant to have a plumbing company in your home that might charge by the hour for work and other variables that are not up front?

Why do you have a diagnostic charge? I already know what the problem is.
We can appreciate that you have looked at your system and you feel you have properly diagnosed the problem. We have highly trained professional technicians that may find a way of fixing the problem at a lesser cost. Occasionally, they find something a homeowner overlooks. That may ends up saving the homeowner a lot of money by discovering a small plumbing problem, that would have grown into a major problem, with major costs, if gone undetected and not repaired. One of the many benefits of utilizing our plumbing company is that we have ongoing training for our technicians to ensure that they are on top of the latest technology and safety guidelines, in order to ensure the safety of your home and family. And don’t you feel $49.00 is a small amount compared to the value of having a skilled and registered plumbing technician to your home?

What does the diagnostic cover?
The diagnostic fee covers the service technician and a stocked service vehicle to come to your property and evaluate your situation. The service technician will then present you with options and exact prices from our Menu Pricing Guide for solving your problem, which saves you money.


Do you charge more than other plumbing companies?
We feel that our prices are competitive for a plumbing company of our size and for the level of service we provide. We provide you with a qualified, certified, and registered service technician and fully stocked service vehicle with over with over 2,000 parts to be dispatched to your property today, ready to perform the service your require.

Can’t you give me a price over the phone? Can you give me a ballpark figure?
We don’t believe in estimated cost pricing because we have found that ballpark prices over the phone are rarely in the consumer’s favour. We prefer to be reputable and arrive at your home and evaluate the situation and give you a straightforward price. We prefer to show some integrity and not give you a low ball price to get in your home and then up the price based on an on site inspection of the problem, as some other plumbing companies might do. We provide you with highly skilled, and registered plumbing technician, who will give you an honest and accurate price.

When you call Plumbway our customer service representative does not have a pricing book, in which case we cannot give you a price over the phone. The service technician really does have to see the problem. It is not our Company policy to price over the phone.

I don’t need a plumber to come out and see the situation; I just need to know how much it will cost to install a hot water heater?
Many things go into determining the cost of a hot water heater replacement, such as: How many BTU’s is your exciting heater? What is the current rating of this heater? What is the flue pipe size? What is the water inlet and outlet size? Where does the T&P valve drain? Where is the hot water heater located? Is it in the garage? If so, is it raised up off the floor and has it been balanced by code? This is why a service technician must make a visual inspection before he can give you a price for a hot water heater replacement based on our Menu pricing Guide.

Where is the main shut off valve?
The main shut off valve can be in many places- the garage, a closet, behind shrubs, in the front of the house, or in the rear of the home. It’s really hard to say. We can send a service technician out to help locate it.

Do you do home plumbing inspections for the purchase or new sale of a home?
We will install owner purchased material. Our plumbing technician would need to come out to your home to evaluate your situation and give you a price based on our Menu Pricing Guide.



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