Proper Cleaning to Stop and Prevent Sewer from Backing Up

Households needing more space end up finishing off the basement as the ideal solution. Before investing hard earned money into this renovation, make sure you know the condition of the sewer pipes underground or it can lead to a costly repair. The sewer may need to be cleaned out or maintained to stop the sewer from backing up into your basement.

Causes for Needing Sewer and Drain Cleaning
Live in an older home? Then you may have clay tile as your sewer drain. Tree roots can grow into the joints of the sewer drain which then causes a backup. The sewer will need a good drain cleaning with our sewer machines to cut away the roots and allow the drain to flow freely once again.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Is Not Only for Sanitary Drains
Another cause of a wet basement is water coming in through the foundation walls. One cause of this could be clogged weeping tiles from leaves or dirt. Drain cleaning can repair this issue to stop the water from pooling in that area so that it can properly drain through the system.

How Sewer and Drain Cleaning Is Accomplished
The size of the drain that needs cleaning determines the sewer machine that is required. If it is a smaller drain that needs cleaning then a Ridgid K-50 is used. The access to the sewer is typically under the sink through the trap. When larger sewers need drain cleaning then a Ridgid K-1500 with the appropriate drain cleaning head (attachment) will be required. Ideally, sewer cleaning is accessible through the home’s main clean-out, floor drains or clean-out accesses at the base of stacks. If those accesses are unattainable then the drain cleaning can be accomplished through the sewer connecting to the toilet.

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