Spring Is upon Us and It’s Time to Get the Lead Out!!

Lead has no taste or smell and is not visible to the eye which can cause negative health issues if exposed. There are approximately 20,000 homes with lead water services still in the City of Hamilton.

If you are not sure if you have lead water service be sure to contact Hamilton Water at 905-546-2489 to schedule a “size and type” with a representative. Plumbway provides a trenchless boring system to replace/upgrade water services to copper. This allows for minimal digging to your front lawn/property and same day completion.

Our work commences once we receive utility locates, a permit and signed authorization from the customer. Once completed, we will coordinate a final inspection with the city and provide an inspection certificate for peace of mind.

Contact us for a no obligation quote today – 1-888-Plumbway (758-6292)