What to Look for in a Plumber?

With all the competition out there, it is tough to make an informed decision as a consumer. Ultimately, the goal is to get quality work done at a reasonable price. So, what to look for in a plumber?

1. First Impression
The value of a first impression cannot be overlooked. When looking at websites or advertisements, one should be leery of catchy gimmicks offering flashy discounts. These are often easy methods of getting you to contact a company and once you do, there are often unpleasant surprises (hidden fees, poor workmanship, etc.) awaiting you. A clean and professional website or advertisement that focuses on workmanship and services offered should be more enticing to you than a flashing $20 coupon or “We’ll beat anyone’s price!”

Once you make the call to a plumbing company, you should be greeted by a live person who is able to assist you in a prompt and professional manner. Lastly, at the time that you are greeted by a plumber at your front door, they should be clean and professional.

We invite you to look through our website as it is professional and provides you with a detailed description of all of our services. We provide current testimonials from several of our happy customers! Once you make the call to our office, you will always be greeted by our friendly office staff who can always assist you. Our technicians are always clean and professional, and you will always be provided with the name of the technician that is coming out to do work in your home to give you peace of mind. Our Journeyman plumbers use shoe covers and tarps to minimize any mess in your home. Upon completion of our work, we will clean the work area to how it was when we arrived, and sometimes better!

2. Qualified Technician
You should ensure that the person doing the work is in fact qualified to do the work. At Plumbway, we are insured, bonded and registered. Our plumbers carry multiple licenses which include, Plumbing Journeyman, Well Technician, and are even Gas Certified. We’re properly licensed to do the work that we do and have many years of service under our belt.

3. Experience
It is also important to find a plumber with plenty of experience. Plumbway has been in existence since 1996 and has since completed a variety of work. Together as a team, we have over 150 years of experience! From small toilet repairs to large commercial projects, our resume shows it all and with numerous references to prove it!

4. No Surprises!
A good plumber is not a fortune teller! They cannot predict the cost of a job without seeing it as each situation is different. This means that an estimate for the work cannot be given over the phone. A good plumber will come out to inspect the job and once they can thoroughly diagnose the issue, they will provide a fixed price to complete it. At this time, the customer can decide whether or not they’d like the work completed. This ensures that there are no “surprises” along the way. This is our philosophy here at Plumbway.

5. Diagnostic Fees
A good plumber is a busy one! So they do not have time to provide you with a free quote. Regardless of whether or not you proceed with the work, it is fair that the plumber would charge a reasonable diagnostic fee.

6. Our Service Trucks
Our service trucks don’t only come with a qualified plumber, they also come with thousands of parts in stock. They also carry up to date tools, sewer cleaning equipment and other specialized equipment. We respect your time, so 99% of the time we can complete the job in our first visit without having to leave your home and inconveniencing you.