lead water replacement

Why Complete a Lead Water Service Replacement

We receive calls daily inquiring about lead water service replacement and the benefits of having this work performed. Here are a few facts that should help you understand the benefits of replacing your lead water service.

Concerns about Lead Water Services
Lead is a type of metal that has no biological benefit to us or our pets. Too much exposure to lead can cause a variety of health problems including:
Reproductive system
Nervous system
High blood pressure

The lead accumulates in our bones and an identifier of lead poisoning is in most cases a blue line around your gums. Lead poisoning risk is higher and much more harmful in young children, pregnant women and is especially in the brain development of an unborn child. Lead effects and interferes with the metabolism of calcium and Vitamin D. Prolonged exposure to lead especially in children can have serious effects including behavioral problems and learning disabilities. At very high levels, lead can be the cause of convulsions, a coma or even death.

Most Effective Way of Dealing with Lead Water Service
The most common and effective way to deal with a lead water service is to replace it; The process is a simple and safe process. To replace your lead water service first:

  • Contact Plumbway
  • A plumber will come to your home to assess your existing water service and location of the line heading towards the property line.
  • Plumbway will provide a written quote to complete the process from start to finish including permit and utility locates.
  • In most cases, we can install a new water service to your property line using our directional boring equipment which minimizes digging on your property. In most residential applications, we typically will install a ¾” type K copper line.
  • After the City inspection we back fill and clean up your property.

Additional Protection from Lead in Your Water
In older homes, the copper pipes may have soldiered with a lead based product which will leach into the drinking water. One solution would be to replace the water lines, yet this can be costly. A more affordable approach would be to install a reverse osmosis drinking system at the point of use. The reverse osmosis drinking water system will remove all the impurities from the water including lead and provide clean, safe water for drinking and cooking. Although this is not a whole house system, when combined with the lead water service replacement the water is at a level of quality that exceeds industry standards.

Call Plumbway to schedule a free quote for a lead water service replacement.

Lead Water Service Replacement Process
Directional Boring Lead Water Service Replacement

Here at Plumbway, we have mastered the directional boring lead water service replacement. We take great pride in replacing our customer’s lead water line which could cause health problems and is one of the causes of poor water pressure. Many older homes in the area have lead water services and many home owners are not aware that they have one or what one looks like. Many families are unaware of this until after the purchase of their new home. They are then left with an unexpected cost to replace due to children living in the home.

We’ve encountered many customers that are eager to replace this due to poor water pressure in their homes. The lead water service replacement provides a night and day difference in pressure; the customer is now able to use multiple plumbing fixtures at the same time.

Our Plumbway water service team uses technology that leaves your driveway and garden intact and untouched while providing a new water service. This is done by creating a small hole at the property line. A hydraulic boring system is then used to “shoot” a new copper water service underground from your home to the property line and connected to the municipality’s water service. We then disconnect the meter from the old lead line and reconnect to the new copper line that was just installed. When the water service is finally complete, a city inspector is scheduled to come out and inspect the new service. Once complete, the municipality would then be responsible for changing their side of the water service to the main water service in a respectable time frame (time frame varies per municipality).

A lead water service replacement is an all day job that starts with us coming to your residence in the morning and having the job inspected and our work area cleaned by the mid-afternoon. We take pride in not only our work but also in the cleanliness of our work area. We attempt to restore the work area to the condition it was when we arrived, if not better. This includes raking the dirt at the property line and inside where the new water service enters the house.

At the end of the day, we like to ensure that the customer is happy with their decision to use Plumbway and we hope that our customers continue to use us for all of their plumbing needs. As a lead water replacement service is beneficial to your health, water pressure, peace of mind and is a good selling feature; we consider this to be an excellent investment to your home and one that Plumbway strongly recommends!

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