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The Philosphy


At Plumbway, we do it right. That means we do it safely, quickly and to the highest possible standards. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, we do it right the first time, to glowing reviews. But ask us when we really shine and we’ll say it’s when there’s a problem—because that’s when “doing it right” becomes “making it right.” A customer concern is always on the top-of our to-do list and continuous improvement is on the agenda of every staff meeting.

Leadership comes from the top. Master plumber John Polidoro started Plumbway in 1996 with a simple goal: to become Hamilton’s best plumbing company. Today, Plumbway is the trusted choice for commercial and residential customers across southern Ontario, thanks to the quality of the team and John’s inspiring example. He’s the guy flipping flapjacks for the 6 a.m. staff meeting and the first one in the backed up sewage chamber—a can-do attitude that has influenced every member of the staff.

The Experience

When you work with Plumbway, you’re getting a trusted advisor and expert technician for your most complex and challenging plumbing needs, whether you’re a private homeowner or manage a large commercial, institutional or industrial facility. We’re confident, well prepared and calm in a crisis; thorough and detail-oriented when doing inspections and maintenance; and ingenious when faced with situations that stump other plumbing companies.

From the moment your call is answered by our friendly, efficient dispatcher, you’re in good hands. We’re prompt, professional, accommodating and always thinking of innovative ways to solve the trickiest plumbing problems. Best of all, our knowledge is at your disposal. Homeowners learn strategies to manage and prevent similar situations. Industrial and municipal partners have a true collaborator in their drive to increase reliability, reduce costs and ensure safety. And, although we like to get our hands dirty, we always leave your place clean.


The People


Every Plumbway technician is a registered, certified plumber with the Ontario College of Trades. We take our licenses seriously. We’re proud to be held to such demanding standards and are continuously upgrading our skills, safety certifications and understanding of government regulations to meet the expectations of the College and our clients.

Plumbway technicians are dedicated problem solvers and experts in their own right. Many of them have worked in the commercial and industrial sectors we serve, giving them insider insight into specific business challenges and the best way to solve them. And they’ve all been on the receiving end of services as homeowners, so they know what it means to deliver excellent residential customer care.

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John Polidoro

Our fearless leader (and he’s great on the tools, too). Master plumber, cross-connection and backflow specialist with almost three decades of experience in plumbing service and construction.


Laura Gillespie
Vice President

A chartered accountant with almost 20 years of experience in business, Laura’s a whiz with numbers. She’s also John’s sister. (When we say Plumbway is a family, we mean it.)


Tim Giles
Commercial/Industrial Coordinator

A licensed plumber and pipe fitter with more than a quarter century of experience in industry, with a special focus on plant maintenance.


Miki Rez
Journeyman and Backflow Specialist

A licensed plumber with over 30 years of experience, Miki’s a back flow specialist and a favourite with our industrial and commercial clients.


Nathan Konrad
Journeyman and Backflow Specialist 

A licensed plumber who began with us as a high school co-op student over 15 years ago.  His calm and friendly personality make him a favourite with our residential customers.


Vito Faraci
Plumber and General Contractor

Vito has over 20 years of experience in the construction restoration business. He has decided to add plumbing to his resume – This allows Plumbway to repair your property that leaky plumbing causes. We truly have a one stop shop.


Daniel Gennaccaro
Registered Plumbing Apprentice

Daniel began with us as a high school co-op almost 5 years ago and is now working on his Plumbing license.  


James Cox
Registered Plumbing Apprentice

James has been with us a few years and is working towards his plumbing license.

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