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Many homeowners have and are experiencing the frustration of low water pressure in their Hamilton homes which is often times caused by lead pipes. This problem makes some simple daily activities very stressful, such as a dribble in your shower or kitchen faucet to a trickle coming out of your sprinkler. Finding the cause of this problem is our specialty at Plumbway. Our experts will assess your situation and help determine the main cause of the low pressure. We will then give you the best possible solution and a fair rate. If you are satisfied with our diagnosis, our plumbers will get your water pressure back to normal.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Here are some of the most common causes of low water pressure.


  • Lead pipes coming from the city to your home. Not only are they dangerous to our health, they are the most common problem we find when assessing low water pressure. Most municipalities have assisted programs to remove lead water lines from your home.

  • Old galvanized water pipes in your home can look big with plenty of space from the outside, but in actual fact galvanized water pipes over time rot from the inside out. This process allows the pipes inside to rust up and close. Sometimes this completely blocks all water or allows very little to flow.

  • Dirt or debris can enter your water system and can plug your pipes or can cause low water pressure. This is sometimes caused by road and water main construction out on the street. The construction work can occur far away from your home but those little sand pieces can travel quite a distance and end up in your water pipes. Sometimes the problem might not even be in your home and could be an issue directly from the municipal water supply.

Are you experiencing low water pressure because of lead pipes or a small water service line? It’s time to get the lead out! We offer lead pipe replacements to upgrade your water service. When a customer calls us to replace lead pipes at their residence, we arrive with all the tools and material necessary to complete the job. We pride ourselves on being courteous and professional while working diligently to the highest industry standards. We will do the work to ensure our customers and their families are drinking safe and clean water free of lead. Lead pipe replacement can help increase your water pressure by changing lead pipes with copper or upgrading the size of your water service. Our trenchless technology leaves your yard intact as minimal digging is required.


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