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Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

At Plumbway, we take great pride in giving our customers the best service possible. This begins with fixing your problem and ends with finding the cause and a plan to prevent it from happening again. We offer a wide range of drain services in Hamilton such as lead pipe replacement, drain replacement, service and repair, leaky pipe repair and replacement, CCTV video inspection, burst water pipe repair, high pressure sewer flushing and more. Our experienced plumbers will help you understand the problem at hand and provide solutions that suit your requirements. We also offer emergency plumbing services.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipe Repair and Replacement

A leaky pipe or drain can lead to a bloated water bill. If you turn off all the taps and faucets in the house and you still hear running water, or if the dial of the water meter fluctuates, chances are you have a drain or pipe leak. But have no fear! Plumbway is here! Our professional plumbers locate the leak and fix it at the source. We use digital pipe locating to go to the source of the problem and find out exactly where the affected pipe(s) is located. We also use CCTV cameras to make sure we’ve adequately isolated the problem. Our experts then fix the leak and make sure no more water seeps through. We take immense pride in our efficient and courteous plumbers, and we want to make sure we do the job right.

If you suspect a pipe leak in your home, call us today.

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Drain Repair

Drain Replacement, Service, and Repair

One of the most common plumbing problems that home and business owners will experience is drain problems. We all utilize drains every day and over time some of those drains will inevitably become clogged, requiring a drainage repair, replacement, or cleaning.

Clogged and smelly drains can be a nuisance to everyone around. In some cases it could be a plumbing emergency, as a smelly drain might be a by-product of a serious plumbing problem. Before we get started, we identify the problem and provide up-front and affordable pricing in writing.

At Plumbway, we use the newest and most efficient technology to adequately inspect and investigate the drain problem in any building. CCTV Cameras are a high-tech and non-invasive investigative tool that we use to identify the drain problem. Our licensed and professional plumbers then come up with a tailored solution and present you with up-front and affordable pricing in writing.

Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, we have professional expertise and resources to complete all kinds of drain repairs:

  • Drain replacements

  • Burst pipe repairs

  • Leakage repairs

  • Thawing frozen pipes

  • Drains, sewers, valves, and water main upgrades

  • Drain cleaning

Call Plumbway for all your toilet needs!

Video Inspection

CCTV Video Inspection

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a camera inspection to see inside your drains, sewer lines or other pipelines. It is a non-intrusive method to examine pieps, drains, and sewers without having to dig anything up to complete. Plumbway is a fully licensed company and we have the experience with the drains and sewers in our local community. We offer CCTV and cleaning of pipes ranging from 3" - 12" in diameter.

CCTV video can help homeowners find the cause of damages including:

  • Severe blockage

  • Offset joint pipes

  • Cracked pipes

  • Corrosion or deterioration

  • Poor installation

  • Root growth/problems

  • Excessive amount of oils and cooking fats

  • Foreign items such as toys, plastic bags, beauty products, or disposable wipes


At plumbway we use CCTV almost every day to evaluate pipes, drains, and sewers to provide our customers and the members of our community the most affordable and long lasting repairs.

Burst Water Pipes

Burst Water Pipes Repair

Chances are your pipes are made of metal. Metal pipes are vulnerable to frost and therefore can expand by more than 10% due to ice formations along the pipe. As a result, the pipe can burst under pressure, leaving you with an exorbitant water bill, a giant puddle, and a lack of water flow to your house.

There are many options available, including installing copper and plastic pipes, as they are not as susceptible to damage. We can replace your old pipe and even offer a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on the new pipe.

A burst pipe can be an emergency that requires immediate inspection and repair, especially in residential circumstances. We’ve been the experts in pipe replacement since 1995. Before we get started, we’ll assess the issue and provide up-front pricing. We pride ourselves on having affordable rates and satisfaction guaranteed. Our courteous plumbers wear shoe covers and make sure your house looks as it was before, promptly investigating the problem and providing potential solutions.

If you have a sink repair emergency, call us right away. We will arrive quickly to assess and resolve your problem.




Quality Counts

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of workmanship. It’s a matter of pride. And it’s why we have long-term relationships with some of the biggest names in industry.


Forever Fixes

We apply our creativity and experience to find permanent solutions to tough operational challenges, saving our customers money and headaches.


The Inside Scoop

Plumbway technicians have experience in a range of industrial and commercial sectors, ensuring we bring both plumbing know-how and industry-specific insight to any job.


A Matter of Time

We respond promptly and work efficiently, because time is money for any business. In emergency situations, we’ll be there promptly with a fully stocked truck.


Safety First

Every Plumbway technician is confined space, first aid and CPR certified, so we’re prepared to handle any situation safely and respond to emergencies with confidence.


Thinking Ahead

We’re experts in the inspection and maintenance of plumbing systems, offering companies peace of mind (and cost savings) with customized plans.

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