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At Plumbway, “doing it right” means excelling at both the emergency scene and the planning table. When the system goes down, we’ll get you up and running fast with the best equipment and the kind of know-how that comes from decades of experience. But we’re happiest when our careful analysis and expert opinion can help prevent problems. Our maintenance programs, available in Hamilton and surrounding areas, routinely save our customers thousands of dollars in equipment, downtime and Tylenol. Our in-house team has been carefully assembled to deliver sector-specific expertise and superior customer service.

When a project requires a specialized approach, we’ve got long-standing relationships with experts in that area, chosen for their ability to deliver the same level of quality and service as we expect of ourselves. Our standard is to exceed yours. Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance check of your plumbing system.

Maintenance Services

  • Grease trap interceptors

  • Backflow systems

  • Sewers

  • Valves

  • Mixing valves

  • Hot water tanks

  • Main drains

  • Emergency shut-offs

  • Catch basins

  • Boilers

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Quality Counts

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of workmanship. It’s a matter of pride. And it’s why we have long-term relationships with some of the biggest names in industry.


Forever Fixes

We apply our creativity and experience to find permanent solutions to tough operational challenges, saving our customers money and headaches.


The Inside Scoop

Plumbway technicians have experience in a range of industrial and commercial sectors, ensuring we bring both plumbing know-how and industry-specific insight to any job.


A Matter of Time

We respond promptly and work efficiently, because time is money for any business. In emergency situations, we’ll be there promptly with a fully stocked truck.


Safety First

Every Plumbway technician is confined space, first aid and CPR certified, so we’re prepared to handle any situation safely and respond to emergencies with confidence.


Thinking Ahead

We’re experts in the inspection and maintenance of plumbing systems, offering companies peace of mind (and cost savings) with customized plans.

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