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clogged drain

Clogged drains are caused by a buildup of debris, such as grease, hair, and soap scum, that can accumulate over time and restrict the flow of water through pipes. These blockages can lead to slow draining sinks and toilets, bad smells, and even water damage. Left untreated, clogged drains can lead to serious plumbing issues, such as burst pipes, and can be costly to repair.

Don't let clogged drains slow you down! At Plumbway in Hamilton, we use high-pressure water to blast away grease, dirt, and other residue that can cause blockages in your pipes. Our fast and effective sewer flushing service will have your drains flowing smoothly again in no time. Call us today and experience the Plumbway difference!

High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning

How Does High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning Work?

In simple terms, high-pressure sewer cleaning uses water pressure to clear drains of debris and remove or prevent blockages. It is an extremely efficient and effective method of removing the buildup of oils, hair, and other materials that, over time, clog up your drains and lead to reduced flow, or backup of wastewater.

In addition to being fast and effective, the process of high-pressure sewer cleaning is also known to be less damaging to your pipes as it does not involve heavy equipment or chemicals.

To learn more about this service, or book an appointment, please contact our team today!


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