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Garburators (garbage disposal units) are an efficient way to dispose of waste when used properly. Plumbway has installed many garburators in the Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe area. Homeowners who have had a garbage disposal installed in their home by our technicians are very satisfied with the level of service that they have received. We inform our customers that a garburator is not a garbage/waste bin. You cannot dispose of everything that you normally would in a waste bin. We educate our customers on the proper usage of garburators to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns or repairs.

How Do Garburators Work?

A garburator is not a garbage/waste bin, meaning that you cannot dispose of everything that you normally would in a waste bin. Bones, meat, plants, dirt, dust, etc. are all things that you do not want to dispose of in your garburator which can lead to a broken/ clogged drain. Food such as fruits and vegetables are suitable for disposing in a garburator as long as they are small portions. Running water while disposing items into your garburator will prevent the drain from clogging.

Correct Usage Matters

Some plumbers do not agree with having a garburator installed into homes, due to the clogging and damage that it may cause to your drain line. In Plumbway’s professional opinion, we approve and believe that they are an efficient method for waste disposal. With our customer satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

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