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Many people see a steel grate in the middle of a parking lot and don’t think about what lies beneath it. However, when there is a big puddle or a small lake forming, people begin to notice! These steel grates are called catch basins.

Catch basins are designed to stop oil, sand, salt, stone, dirt and any other debris from entering the storm drainage system. What lies below the steel grate is a designed feature called a “catch”, to collect any debris that seeps or falls in. Catch Basin Preventative Maintenance To avoid these puddles or lakes from appearing in your parking lot, we recommend annual catch basin cleaning. This preventative maintenance will help avoid emergency repairs which can be costly once the system is plugged and needs cleaning. Regular maintenance is inexpensive and the recommended option to maintain your catch basin and storm drainage system. Environmental Impact of a Malfunctioning Catch Basin In many municipalities, stormwater is not treated and drains directly into lakes and rivers. Regular catch basin cleaning is essential to keeping our lakes and waterways free of unnecessary oils, debris and other pollutants. How a Catch Basin Is Maintained Normally for catch basin cleaning, Plumbway uses a vacuum truck to remove all debris from the catch basin. We then spray down the walls and base of the catch basin and vacuum. Finally, we complete a visual inspection of the condition of the catch basin and give our customers a detailed description of our findings. All waste is properly disposed of according to proper regulations/standards set out by the Ministry of Environment. Let’s keep our communities clean and safe. Contact Plumbway to schedule your catch basin cleaning.


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