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Find & Correct an Issue Before a Large Renovation Sewer locates may not seem too important but having them done could prevent a future headache. If you are planning on redoing your driveway, or parking lot or upgrading your landscape, you will want to know where your sewer is before you start digging. Recently a Plumbway customer had their driveway redone and started having issues with the sewer. When the video of the sewer was completed, it was found to have a shift in the clay pipe which was located under the new driveway. If the sewer had been previously located prior to the upgrade, the repair could have been made and further damage would have been mitigated prior to the driveway install.

Sewer Locates Can Help Reduce Future Costs Having your sewer located does not only apply to new outside construction. When planning on upgrading/renovating the interior of the home/building, a camera and locate can help find the sewer depth and location which can assist in minimizing the amount of destruction and mess. If you are having issues with your sewer or if there is a shift and/or break, it is always beneficial to have the spot located to determine if the repair is the responsibility of the property owner or the city/municipality. This can be determined after a locate is completed, which could save you thousands of dollars if the city/municipality is responsible for the repair/restoration rather than the property owner.

A commercial customer of ours has been having ongoing sewer issues and it was soon recommended to have a camera and locate completed. It was discovered that there was a break in the sewer 70′ from where the sewer leaves the building. The issue is that the sewer leaves through the back of the building and the broken spot was found to be at the base of a tree in the middle of a forest. This issue would have been continuously ongoing if the sewer had not been located. Once found, repairs were done immediately which corrected the issue of the sewer regularly backing up. When investing in your property, it is important to have a clear picture of your infrastructure in order to limit situations that may arise in the future or to quickly correct ongoing situations. Having a sewer locate can save you time, money and grief! Contact Plumbway to schedule a camera and locate!


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