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As the warm weather approaches you will start to notice the thawing of snow/ice causing flooding issues, not only for city streets but in your own backyard.

Below are a few preventative measures that can be taken to help avert flooding in your home.

What You Can Do Outside the House

  • Seal cracks or openings in walls/foundations

  • Clear eavestroughs and downspouts of leaves/debris

  • Ensure downspouts are draining properly, approx. two metres from your foundation’s walls.

  • Check that sump pump discharge lines are not frozen and draining properly

  • Check the grading around your home ensuring it slopes away from the foundation wall

  • Inspect weeping tile systems and complete repairs if necessary

  • Clear debris from roadside catch basins (sewer) to alleviate potential flooding on your property

What You Can Do Inside the House If you live in an older neighbourhood consider the installation of a backwater valve

  • Contact a licensed plumber to complete proper maintenance checks on existing valves, pumps/pits, discharge lines and general plumbing

  • Have a video completed of your sewer drain to ensure there are no obstructions and good flow

  • If there is a tree located in front of your house consider having your sewer snaked out annually as a preventative measure

  • While completing your spring cleaning run your faucets and inspect under all sinks to ensure waste and water pipes are leak-free

  • Look up at your ceilings (especially below any bathrooms) and visually scan for water damage

Better to fix a small leak as they only get worse!


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